Payments in Zambia have a lot of potential, according to Cellulant

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Having entered the Zambian market in 2011, Cellulant is bullish on the country’s payments ecosystem, a sector the company pivoted to after dabbling in banking.

TechCabal talked to Gilbert Lungu, general manager of Cellulant Zambia, to find out more about the fintech startup’s motivation for pivoting, the overall state of payments in the country, challenges they have come across in their operation, and more.

Please give us a brief overview of Cellulant’s operations since it entered the Zambia market.

Gilbert Lungu: Cellulant has been in Zambia since 2011. Primarily, at the time, the business was in a phase where the focus was on banking and providing mobile banking platforms, and then also doing what we call merchant aggregation, which is essentially just layering the mobile banking platforms with the actual merchants to enable payments to happen. In terms of that phase of the business, I think it went fairly well. We acquired 15 out of 18 banks, providing services…

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