Prembly’s new dashboard brings multiple identity verification solutions to one platform

Prembly’s new dashboard brings multiple identity verification solutions to one platform. This newly launched unified dashboard has come with innovative features, whilst hosting all of its products.

Its premier product, the identity verification offering, Identitypass as well as Identityradar, BackgroundChecks and Identitform have now been brought under a single dashboard.

Prembly 1.0, the one-stop dashboard for Identity Verification/Compliance Infrastructure/Intelligence Checks/Background Checks and Registration Solutions; gives users access to all of Prembly’s services and solutions from a single unified dashboard.

The dashboard features a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for customers to complete business onboarding and integrate APIs for verification calls.

Features of the Prembly dashboard

Identity Checker Widget: makes it easy for users to integrate with software development kits (SDKs) to ensure customers have a range of alternatives to onboard their…

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Payday vs Chipper Cash: What you need to know before choosing

What you need to know before you choose

Significant changes have occurred in how individuals pay for goods and services, with cash increasingly replaced by electronic payment methods.

The African fintech ecosystem has seen monumental strides over the last few years in keeping with the pace and, in some cases, even leading innovation, as the influx of new investments and regulatory shifts continues to shape the e-payments landscape on the continent.

Africa’s domestic e-payments market is anticipated to see revenues grow by roughly 20% per year, reaching about $40 billion by 2025, thanks to banks and nonbank players innovating to reduce friction in domestic and cross-border payments and provide much-needed new solutions to consumers and businesses.

Chipper Cash and Payday are two platforms redefining finance and financial services in Africa. These fintech platforms facilitate peer-to-peer cross-border payment solutions for Africans from anywhere globally.

Payday vs Chipper Cash: What you need to know before choosing

Founded in 2018 by co-founders Ham Serunjogi and Maijid…

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Zoho unveils Ulaa: A surveillance-free web browser for enhanced privacy 

The web browser set to challenge Chrome, Edge, others

When Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, it went on to be the king of web browsers for at least another decade. If you don’t remember its reign, it is likely that you were not internet-savy in that generation.

One of the major reasons that aided the dominance of Internet Explorer was because the browser before it, the Netscape Navigator, was not free of charge and available to all personal computers. Nonetheless, the introduction of Internet Explorer brought in a browser war that has now led to a more sophisticated way of intruding and accessing the internet.

Well, if there is anything that history has taught us, it is that innovations bring about paradigm shifts, and the Ulaa browser by Zoho might just be the next innovation to challenge the status quo.

Google Chrome is arguably the industry standard currently for web browsers and search engines. Since its launch in 2008, it has replaced older browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and now leads the way. This is…

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Prembly’s new dashboard brings multiple identity verification solutions to one platform

Like many startups in their early stages, what could be easily new features are launched as new products. The new Premly dashboard is no different. Its premier product, the identity verification offering, Identitypass, Identityradar and its other background checks features have now been brought under a single dashboard as part of its new unifying product Prembly.

The Prembly dashboard offers businesses solutions to almost all the KYC and KYB verification problems they might have.

Customers begin their journey on the dashboard after loading their wallets. With Identitypass, they can collect and verify the authenticity of their customers by collecting their driver’s licenses, phone numbers, bank accounts, NIN and other means of identification, including the customer’s face, thanks to a verification feature called Facematch. Businesses registered in Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Ghana can carry out verifications on the platform.

Prembly's new dashboard brings multiple identity verification solutions to one platform

Initially, users must open multiple accounts for…

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What you need to know about these 2 cryptocurrency exchanges before you choose

What you need to know about these 2 cryptocurrency exchanges before you choose

In crypto’s over seven years of boom, junctures, eye-brow-raising vulnerability, and steadied popularity, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitmama, Remitano, NairaEx, Roqqu, and more have launched, slinging towards the parameters of evolution that have hit the cryptocurrency industry.

Though cryptocurrency exchanges, saddled with the responsibility of enabling the transfer of tokens, are undeniably one of the most important blocs in the crypto industry, some have had to end their run due to the market’s volatility. This, however, cannot override their palpable influence on the acceptance of cryptocurrency in some regions around the globe. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges help in the processing of transactions between customers. To reckon with the convenience sought by customers, these exchanges provide strong aesthetic appeal, a fast and less costly transactional process, and pretty simple interfaces, which soothe customers in many ways.

Some even provide keynote signals,…

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Aki and Pawpaw Epic Run; Nigeria's games industry 1st step to getting a chunk of that global revenue

Aki and Pawpaw Epic Run; Nigeria’s games industry 1st step to getting a chunk of that global revenue

This is the premise of Aki and Pawpaw. Two rascals are being chased to the end of the world by a villain behind the camera. At some point, they have to climb mountains. At another point, they are chasing the villain. And that’s easily all there is to it.

The new Aki and Pawpaw epic run game is like the many other endless running games that dominated Android and iOS at the beginning of the last decade when young Nigerians were trapped in an endless pool of running to take their minds off not having internet. Those who had not upgraded from Blackberry to the longer full touchscreen phones turned off their internet to conserve battery.

Those who had upgraded turned off their internet to conserve their internet. Then, like now, the internet was so expensive only a few could afford the luxury of leaving their mobile data on.

Nigerians had played Temple Run, fought with each other over Subway Suffers and wondered what Sonic Dash was about.

Now that the movie industry from the early…

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Exambly app promises students straight As in GCE, WAEC and POST UME. This is our thoughts

Exambly App promises students straight As in their exams 1

Exambly is an educational app that offers students the “best” preparation for any exam through individualised practice and an easier learning process. The application says it has answers to over 250,000 previous questions.

The app also states that it uses a curriculum that is connected to the relevant exam standard and is based on a methodology that has been shown to promote long-term retention. The app, which was released in 2020 has over 10,000 downloads on the Play Store app.

The app is 9.8MB in size and requires an Android 5.0 OS and up to function.

Signing up for the app was as simple as ABC and it just took a few seconds to activate my account. After signing in, there are different types of exams (WASSCE/GCE, POST UTME, NECO, JAMB/UME, BECE, ACCA) and class categories (JSS 1-3, SS1-3).

Users can choose which sections that are best for them.

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App Design

The only…

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We reviewed Don Jazzy's new food app, Jazzy's Burger and this is what we think

We reviewed Don Jazzy’s new food app, Jazzy’s Burger and here is what we think

Don Jazzy, the founder and CEO of Mavins Record, is an accomplished businessman and his track record over the years is enough proof. The Don has disclosed his new venture, a food project, Jazzy’s Burger.

Food apps have become popular among Nigerians, and many food businesses are beginning to use this technology to promote their services. But who could have seen this coming from Don Baba Jay himself?

Trust me, while this was an unexpected idea from the seasoned music producer, there appear to be other projects cooking as well, especially since Jazzy’s Burger is under a parent company, JJB Food Concept…

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Top 5 Nigerian apps released in 2022

Top 5 Nigerian apps released in 2022

2022 has been a year filled with shocks and excitement. The many ups and downs it endured made it a year that many in the tech industry would not forget.

Despite this, the year has seen the release and launch of many top-notch products and apps for us to use by startups looking to offer solutions that make life easier for smartphone users.

Startups in the country provided Nigerians with various mobile solutions spanning crypto, fintech, Edtech, location-sharing, Healthtech, and Food, among others. These apps offer unique functionalities, garnered attention, and recorded downloads within the year.

This article presents our top 5 Nigerian apps released this year. based on public reception given by download volumes, ratings and user reviews on the Google Play Store. While many apps were released in 2022, these five have specific functionality, are popular in the mainstream and social media, and have many downloads and positive reviews.

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Google to unveil Bard; an experimental conversational AI service

Google unveils ‘Bard’ AI tool to rival ChatGPT

Google has announced the introduction of Bard, an experimental conversational AI service powered by LaMDA. It is now being made accessible to trusted testers before its subsequent release to the public in the coming weeks.

The big-tech firm most famous for its search engine has continued to put AI at the core of its efforts, from presenting Transformers, the grandmother of contemporary languages, in 2017 to the introduction of the big language model, LaMDA, in 2021.

During Google’s earnings call last week, CEO Sundar Pichai underlined that AI had been a focus for the company in the last 6 years. Now the company is announcing new AI advancements this week, including the introduction of Bard, Google’s experimental conversational AI service (powered by LaMDA).

Bard is a conversational AI service that combines the depth of the world’s information with the power, intelligence, and creativity of Google’s large language models to help deliver answers to inquiries. It uses…

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