Rwanda: Laptop for Teachers Not a Luxury but a Necessity

by Digital Brainiacs
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The government, through Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) has announced plans to reinforce the exercise of distributing laptops to teachers with officials saying that the target is to have all teachers in the country equipped with laptops by the year 2025.

This is an important pronouncement especially coming at a time the education sector is undergoing a series of reforms with a view to put the student at the centre of the learning process through the Competence Based Curriculum that was launched about seven years ago.

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With the new curriculum, there is need for constant research by the educators to ensure they are abreast of what is happening elsewhere, a departure from the past where they relied on decades-old textbooks that ended up missing context or overtaken by events.

The distribution of laptops to teachers, which has been ongoing for some time now, will also greatly complement the Smart Classroom initiative which is geared…

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