Zimbabwe: Gold Mafia Revelations Prove That Mnangagwa Not Fit for Office

by Digital Brainiacs
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Nairobi, Kenya — The Al Jazeera documentary series on gold smuggling in Zimbabwe and the subsequent reduction of the country from a respected state to a den of lions has all what it takes for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to step down. All the unethical mafia-style smuggling of the gold and laundering of the proceeds was facilitated mainly by the State apparatus being commandeered by none other than the incompetence of the president of Zimbabwe and his entire ill-informed horde of criminals.

A close analysis of the documentary series shows that Mnangagwa is clueless about running a country. The team around him who include the prophet of doom Eubert Angel ironically elaborated the non-existence of a formal government in Zimbabwe and how unregulated the exploitation of mineral resources like gold is.

Mnangagwa allowed the reserve bank to be run by a mafia group whose economic knowledge is uncouth and dangerous. No wonder why John Mangudya, the governor of the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe, was irritated…

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