How ChatGPT complements ERP systems : TechMoran

How ChatGPT complements ERP systems : TechMoran


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OpenAI’s ChatGP-3 has been a game changer across many sectors since its launch last November. Now, the recent upgrade of the technology to GPT-4, which has been trained on trillions of parameters, will certainly improve this innovation’s workings, introducing functionalities that are bound to revolutionize tech as we currently know it.

The use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enterprises is fast creating possibilities to automate everyday tasks including facilitating complex communications, creating content, manipulating text in correspondences to improve communication languages, and generally to simplify content.  

In any business outfit, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are integral components for productively and effectively managing, controlling and running all the operations that the institution accomplishes on a daily basis.

Gradually, AI, armed by Machine Learning (ML) – and by extension Chat GPT- is growing…

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