YNV Tech Talent is bridging the global skills gap through outsourcing

by Tech Next
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YNV Tech Talent, a leading provider of tech, cybersecurity, and digital skilling solutions across the world, believes that outsourcing is the best way for organizations to improve their efficiency and competitiveness while focusing on their core values. By working together with Tek Experts, elev8, and Cytek under the YNV Tech Talent brand, the company has made significant contributions to the outsourcing industry by providing technical support to businesses in over 100 countries.

To offer a comprehensive package to customers, YNV Tech Talent has recently expanded its services. The collective efforts of Tek Experts, elev8, and Cytek aim to revolutionize the Nigerian IT market by addressing the tech talent and digital skill gaps. They provide end-to-end IT talent solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes.

Since its establishment in Nigeria five years ago, Tek Experts Nigeria, a part of YNV Tech Talent, has recruited and trained many Nigerians to provide technical support to local and…

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