AI Empowering Virtual PAs and Digital Artists

by IT News Africa
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Fancy seeing Pope “P. Diddy” Francis in a puffer jacket and King Charles and Queen Camilla rocking some slick moves at their coronation after-party? It’s all in an AI’s work for today’s clever image-generation bots, which are offering a fun artistic outlet for some while others ponder the ethics of creating deep-fake images from scratch.

Welcome to the fast-changing world of artificial intelligence – a potential minefield but also a garden of countless productivity possibilities, especially in the workplace. The trick is to teach the bots to make your life easier, not replace you.

Much has already been said about ChatGPT and how it’s transforming marketing and communications, but there’s far more to today’s ever-evolving generative technology landscape than just content chatbots.

Midjourney, for example, is an image-generation tool run on the Discord platform that amateurs and professional designers alike are enjoying playing around with. As with ChatGPT, the devil’s in the…

Source: IT News Africa

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