Are NFTs over? feat. Kate Byrne

Are NFTs over? feat. Kate Byrne

International media maven Kate Byrne factors in on the NFT bubble burst and what might be next for one of the world’s most hyped Web3 trends.

UNAJUA S13 EP1: Are NFTs over? feat. Kate Byrne

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This is the first episode of a UNAJUA Series focused on distilling a handful of global Web3 buzz trends like crypto, NFTs, the metaverse and even AI— reflecting how they are unfolding within an African context. Offering minimum viable insight in this series is the inimitable Kate Byrne.

Kate has served as a C-Suite executive leader at blue chip brands such as Katapult X, SOCAP Global, Inc, Fast Company and the George Lucas Education Foundation. She is currently the Chief Impact Officer of PopVenture— a new financial system enabling everyone to…

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