Here’s what the Pixel Tablet’s dock will likely cost if you buy one on its own

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Credit: 9to5Google
  • The price of the Google Pixel Tablet Charging Dock just leaked on Amazon.
  • The dock could cost $129.
  • We expect the dock to come with a Pixel Tablet, but this is useful if you want a second dock in your home.

The Google Pixel Tablet should launch at Google I/O on May 10. Based on rumors we’ve heard so far, the tablet should come with a charging dock. This dock will allow the tablet to be a smart display when not in use as a tablet, complete with a speaker system.

However, what if you want a second dock? Maybe one for your bedroom in addition to the one in your kitchen? It looks like Google could offer that option (via 9to5Google). A leaked Amazon listing shows a Google Pixel Tablet Charging Dock for sale for $129.00. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot a leaked page for the tablet itself, so pricing is still unknown for that product.

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