Android’s ‘Find My Device’ could soon work even if your phone is off

by Digital Brainiacs
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  • Code sleuthing has uncovered potential plans to expand the Find My Device system to work even when phones are powered off.
  • Apple iPhones have had this perk for many years now.
  • It’s possible this feature would only work with the Pixel 8 series, at least at first.

If you lose your Android phone and it’s powered off, you won’t have much luck locating it. Although there are multiple ways to track an Android phone’s location, none of them work when the phone is powered down. You’ll be left with the last known location only.

Thankfully, it looks like this could change in the near future. Thanks to some code sleuthing from Kuba Wojciechowski (via 91Mobiles), we have hints that Google is working on a way for Find My Device — its hardware location tool — to work even when an Android phone is powered down.

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