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How To Write An Email That Converts

As powerful as emails are, there are emails that convert and there are those that do not convert.

The goal is to not look like spam but appear as someone that understands your customers’ needs and actually has value to offer to your audience.

Follow this guide to writing an effective and converting mail;

  1. Imagine receiving the email you’re writing. What would be your reaction if you got the email you are about to send?
  2. Write the way you would talk. Conversations are very powerful when trying to influence someone to make a decision. You can drop the official theme and make the recipient feel like they are in a conversation. Laugh at intervals, wink, use emojis and other ways to express emotions. People relate well with emotions.
  3. Write a clear and direct subject line. This is the first line of attraction. I would know if I want to read a mail from the subject.
  4. Start with an appropriate greeting (personalized emails are known to be more effective).
  5. Keep your messages short and concise. A long email can be a boring read and will discourage your audience from opening your email next time.
  6. Keep your closing simple and straightforward.
  7. Check for grammatical errors and misspellings. Little errors can put some people off. You can be interesting and still keep errors to the barest minimum.
  8. Timing. Many people are yet to understand the timing of emails. You cannot send your email to your audience at any time you feel like. You need to know when they would most likely read your mail.

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How To Choose A Good Title For Your Email

For many of us that use emails to reach out to clients or potential clients, you may find that you might not be converting as you would expect. And that could be because your recipients are not even opening your emails in the first place.

How would they know the amazing offers you have in store for them, when they don’t open your emails.

One of the major reasons for the low open rate for emails is actually the email subject. Can you remember the many emails that you skipped in your inbox just because the titles were not interesting to you? That is how it is with people generally.

If it is not interesting and catchy, it will be skipped. So imagine how many people have skipped your emails just because you did not put enough attention on your subject.

So, how do you choose a good email subject?

1. Research your audience. Know their interests, demographics, as much information as possible. Your subject has to be something they are interested in.

2. Write down a summary of your mail in a few sentences.

3. Pick out the important keywords in your summary.

4. Eliminate repetitive words or words that give too much explanation. The goal is to spur curiosity.

5. Keep it short (5 – 7 words is fine). 6. Imagine you are getting an email with that subject, would you open it?

7. Search for synonyms of your keywords

8. Try to make it as personalized as possible

9. Work with trends

10. Don’t trick people with your subject.

I hope this helps you in getting better results in your email marketing campaign.

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Digital Trends: Focus On People, Not Technology

I was listening to a podcast recently that was focusing on digital marketing trends in 2020. What I found interesting was that after the whole talk on the technology trends we should expect this year in terms of SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and so on, the speakers concluded that digital marketing is not really about the technical tools, algorithms, social media networks, and so on.

It is about the people.

If you are going to do well as a business in the digital media space, you need to focus more on the people you are selling to than on your tools.

You need to focus more on building a community of people who believe in you and the product or service you are selling.

The most important skill you will learn in digital marketing is not analytics or content development or email marketing.

The most important skill you should learn this year is understanding people, and understanding your target audience.

Seek ye first the ability to understand your target audience, and the other technical skills will simply be a plus.

By the way, all the digital technical skills actually revolve around people.