How to open and set up your Apple Card Savings account

In the midst of a recession, we’re all looking for the right place to park our money. Ideally, you want part of your investments to be safe, liquid, and earn as much interest as possible. Apple aims to take your business with its own high-yield savings account. Today, we’ll tell you what you need to know about the Apple Card Savings account and how to set it up.


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Secretive startup previews AI-powered wearable projector

Credit: Zarif Ali
  • Humane cofounder Imran Chaudhri showed off a demo of a projector-based wearable while at a TED Talk.
  • The wearable is capable of sending and receiving calls, language translation, and more.
  • The wearable is a standalone product that doesn’t need to be paired with other devices.

You may have never heard of Humane, and there’s a good reason for that. Most of the company’s work is shrouded in mystery. But one of Humane’s cofounders just showed off an AI wearable that’s a lot like a wearable form of ChatGPT.

Humane is an AI startup founded by ex-Apple veterans Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. As mentioned earlier, its work has stayed mostly in the shadows. But we got our first look at one of its in-development projects during a recent TED Talk.

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You can now use Bard for coding or help with Google Sheets functions

  • Google has added coding capabilities to its AI chatbot.
  • Bard is now able to help with over 20 programming languages.
  • The chatbot can also be used to help create functions in Google Sheets.

Earlier this month, Google introduced an “Experiment updates” page to notify users of changes to Bard. Today, the updates page got its second-ever notification revealing new capabilities for the AI chatbot.

On the updates page, Google announced it has given Bard the ability to generate code. Users can now also use Bard to debug existing code and help explain lines of code. However, something average users will probably find more useful is the ability to create functions in Google Sheets.

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Bose and Razer smart glasses are silly, but I still believe they have potential

Opinion post by
Adam Birney

As I walk into the office rocking a pair of Bose Frames Tempo with music blasting behind my ears, my co-workers snicker, shake their heads, or straight up ask me, “What the heck are you wearing?” If I had walked in wearing wireless earbuds or headphones, no one would have batted an eye. But why do smart glasses provoke such different reactions? Even in public, where people may be too polite to say anything, they tend to attract stares and smirks.

Well, besides the apparent assault on fashion, there are a few reasons why smart glasses have never quite caught on in popularity. Still, I believe smart glasses have the potential to become the go-to gadget in the future. Bear with me as we look at what smart glasses have done wrong in the past and what they could do instead to get it right.

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Gimmicks are dead — just make a good phone

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Opinion post by
C. Scott Brown

Ten years ago, the 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 was a technological marvel. Android phones had only been around for a few years at that point, and the Galaxy S4 seemed like it could do so much despite its small size. As consumers, we were enraptured. So much so that the Galaxy S4 remains to this day the best-selling Android phone of all time, with more than 80 million units sold.

However, that was ten years ago — an eternity in the tech world. Things have changed significantly since then. The smartphone gimmicks we saw in the Galaxy S4 — such as Smart Scroll, which allowed you to scroll the contents of your screen by moving your head up or down — would be downright ludicrous to see in a 2023 phone.

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I installed Windows on my iPad so you don’t have to

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

A Mac-running iPad has been a pipedream for Apple enthusiasts like me ever since the first iPad was announced. Why? It’s all about productivity — that often unquantifiable metric that can lead to a dog-headed pursuit of shoehorning software solutions as a bandage. But I digress. When I pitched this article to my editor a few months ago, I was excited at the possibility of running Windows on my M1-powered iPad Air. Finally, my reasonably productive machine would become a lot more productive. As the resident tinkerer, getting Windows virtualized on my iPad thrilled me. Moreover, the few videos floating around forums like Reddit showed me that like-minded enthusiasts had been successful at achieving it. It made it look worth the time and effort.

Running Windows on an iPad is a cautionary tale of trying to sidestep Apple’s carefully arranged garden.

Fast forward to today. After more than a dozen attempts at getting Windows running on my M1-powered…

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I went on a quest to make the OPPO Find X6 Pro usable because I want to love it

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

A short OPPO Find X6 Pro hands-on is enough to know an excellent hardware package when you see one, perhaps even a contender for one of the best smartphones around. The wonderful display, super-fast charging, pleather finish, and solid triple camera setup show tremendous promise. However, the last-minute swap to a China-only release means the software is not quite up to scratch for global audiences. The whole experience was a bit of a tease.

Particularly so because the Find X6 Pro is one of those handsets that doesn’t come around very often anymore; it’s genuinely different and a little quirky. Aside from the gorgeous design, the triple camera setup, in particular, really caught my eye. With three large 50MP sensors spanning wide, ultrawide, and 3x telephoto, this unique setup left a lasting impression in a very short space of time. As a bit of a photography buff, it’s been the big feature drawing me back to the handset time and again.

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Google’s Gallery app is the offline Google Photos alternative you’re not using

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Opinion post by
Hadlee Simons

Google Photos is one of the more underappreciated Google success stories, and it’s not hard to see why. The app is more than just the default gallery app for Pixel phones and some other brands, bringing fantastic editing features and polished cloud backup functionality too.

In saying so, I’m a little disappointed that my Pixel 7 Pro uses Google Photos as the default gallery app. Because let’s face it, this isn’t really a gallery app in the same way that Samsung, Xiaomi, and OPPO phones have a basic gallery app.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 3: Release date, rumors, and features we’d love to see

Credit: Zak Khan / Android Authority

Samsung’s line of true wireless earbuds makes for an eclectic and impressive-sounding catalog. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 stand proudly as an affordable alternative to the flagship Buds Pro series. They share much of the same DNA, including industry-leading noise canceling and sound quality. They are also great value for money, costing little more than $100 at the time of writing.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that people are tingling with excitement for a next-gen Galaxy Buds 3 upgrade. There’s no official announcement yet, but read on for everything we know and our take on the features we would like to see included in the Galaxy Buds 3.

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to the 481st edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Facebook settled a court case regarding the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal this week. The reward is $725 million. Folks who were on Facebook during the scandal may be entitled to compensation. You can follow the link for instructions on how to claim any winnings you may be entitled to.
  • Netflix plans to charge folks for password sharing as of this summer. We knew this was happening months ago, but Netflix dragged its heels on actually doing so. The company announced it would roll out the feature by June of this year in a shareholder letter. Netflix says it is expecting a loss of subscribers at first but that long-term revenue should go up. It’s going to make a lot of people mad, and we think the anger is justified.
  • Google is expanding the Google Play Points feature. It’s now usable for DoorDash and Instacart discounts. You can also use it to obtain Google merchandise. The merchandise is just…

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