Mobile push notifications best practices - Business of Apps

Mobile push notifications best practices – Business of Apps

There are many frustrations thrown up by daily life – the bad hair day, trailing toilet paper around on the sole of your shoe … but few are as irritating as these messages … You know the ones. Your phone buzzes, someone wants your attention – your mother, the dogwalker perhaps, but it turns out to be just another irritating push message from a company you’ve likely not heard from for months, offering you something that you’re just not that into. It’s an all too common mistake – by someone who has obviously not heard of ‘intelligent targeting’. Intelligent targeting has the potential to boost retention rates by almost 40%, and rid recipients of the compulsion to delete your app. What to do? With the

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How do you drive your competitors out of search by optimizing in-apps? [case study] - Business of Apps

How do you drive your competitors out of search by optimizing in-apps? [case study] – Business of Apps

Many developers ignore in-app optimization.This way they miss the opportunity to outrank their competitors in app search results. We will tell you how in-app indexing works and how to ‘push’ your competitors aside and if it’s possible to increase revenue by in-app promotion? We will show all this using the example of ‘Little Stories: Bedtime Books’ app from Diveo Media. How to promote in-apps? Each promoted in-app can have a name up to 30 characters and a description up to 45 characters. The best way for search optimization is using relevant keywords in the name, because it’s only the name that is indexed. Plus, the name should accurately convey the essence of the purchase. Promoted in-apps may appear on the page of your app, Today,

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Digital Trends - Digital Brainiacs

Digital Trends: Focus On People, Not Technology

I was listening to a podcast recently that was focusing on digital marketing trends in 2020. What I found interesting was that after the whole talk on the technology trends we should expect this year in terms of SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and so on, the speakers concluded that digital marketing is not really about the technical tools, algorithms, social media networks, and so on.

It is about the people.

If you are going to do well as a business in the digital media space, you need to focus more on the people you are selling to than on your tools.

You need to focus more on building a community of people who believe in you and the product or service you are selling.

The most important skill you will learn in digital marketing is not analytics or content development or email marketing.

The most important skill you should learn this year is understanding people, and understanding your target audience.

Seek ye first the ability to understand your target audience, and the other technical skills will simply be a plus.

By the way, all the digital technical skills actually revolve around people.

Facebook Groups - Digital Brainiacs

Digital Trends: Facebook Groups

A lot of businesses seem to have given up on Facebook due to the decrease in engagements on business pages. For many, Facebook now seems to be more interested in making money than anything else.

As true as this is, there is also growing popularity of Facebook groups on the platform. With the new updates on the Facebook platforms (Web and Mobile apps), Facebook groups are more prominent, having a tab of their own for easy access.

This offers business pages another avenue to reach more people organically. Facebook pages can now join groups and post on those groups. If the content is valuable, that will attract traffic to your page and lead to more conversions for your business.

That being said, like all social media platforms, there are limitations to how you can interact with Facebook groups. For example, you cannot post on too many groups at the same time. Facebook will flag your post as spam.

With Facebook groups, you have a great opportunity to reach people that would naturally not see your posts in their feeds section, generate engagements organically and eventually conversions.

If you would like to know more about how Facebook groups can benefit your business, send us a DM. We will be happy to help.