New Apple AirPods Pro will also double as hearing aids

by Tech Next
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According to reports, Apple is planning to introduce additional features to the AirPods Pro, allowing them to also function as a hearing aid. One of the expected features includes a function that can play different tones and sounds to assess the user’s hearing abilities. This feature would be similar to how Apple Watch’s ECG feature detects heart problems.

The tech company could potentially incorporate a feature that utilizes the temperature in the wearer’s ear canal to determine their body temperature. The current Apple Watch models already have this capability, however, temperature data collected with the AirPods Pro is said to be likely more accurate.

Another enhancement is that Apple is apparently intending to replace the Lightning port on the AirPods charging case with the revealing USB-C port (in Marshable’s review, where the USB-C port on the AirPods Pro as one of the rare downsides). The tech company is anticipated to ship iPhone 15 with a USB-C port as well.
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