Kenya Power Tests Smart Poles for Enhanced High-Speed Internet Connectivity : TechMoran

by Tech Moran
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Kenya Power, in a bid to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet and broaden its revenue streams, has initiated a pilot project focused on installing specialized utility poles known as Smart Poles.

These poles offer an innovative solution for deploying wireless last-mile data networks, benefiting both Kenya Power and telecommunications providers. The ongoing pilot, conducted in partnership with Safaricom, aims to improve data coverage and capacity while addressing signal interruptions.

As the demand for internet services continues to surge, telecommunications providers face the challenge of expanding their last-mile data networks. By leasing space on these Smart Poles, telecom companies can enhance their data coverage, capacity, and overall service quality. The pilot project, currently being carried out at six locations in Nairobi, sets the stage for the widespread installation of Smart Poles across Kenya Power’s overhead network.

The deployment of Smart…

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