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By Chester Wisniewski, Field CTO – Applied research

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Businesses today face many threats; but if those coming from outside are their main source of concern with a priority focus on ransomware, they too often forget to consider internal threats which can be just as devastating. In fact, they take less time to assess the adaptability of their internal security measures in case a cyberattackers manages to break through their defenses from the inside and recover sensitive data that is easily accessible to him. So what are the means to put in place to detect these threats and respond to them effectively?

The sources of these insider threats are diverse and very often undetected or detectable. They can thus be the result of negligence or even malice. They can, for example, come from an implementation of relaxed security controls that do not apply to certain systems, or from a lack of logging and identification of these malicious activities. Although difficult to measure…

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