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According to Gartner, network redundancy is a communications pathway that has additional links to connect all nodes in case one link goes down.

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Network redundancy involves installing additional or alternative instances of network devices, equipment, and communication mediums in a network infrastructure.

Its purpose is to ensure network availability in the event of device or path failures, serving as a failover mechanism.

Veeam 2022 report carefully examined the frequency and causes of outages. 

“Globally, 40% or 2 out of 5 servers had at least one or more outages over the past 12 months.”

Network redundancy is mainly implemented in enterprise network infrastructure to establish a backup source of network communications. It acts as a backup plan by swiftly transferring network operations to redundant infrastructure when unexpected network outages occur.

It is typically achieved by adding alternate network paths, which are established through standby routers and…

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