Twiga confirms layoff of entire sales team as it changes commercial model

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Twiga shifted its sales model after restructuring operations that eliminated internal sales teams. It has the right to terminate working relationships with underperforming independent contracts.

Twiga Foods, a business-to-business (B2B) platform that connects farmers and food vendors, has confirmed that it no longer has an in-house sales team after a cost-cutting move it implemented last year. The cost-cutting move was a round of layoffs in October 2022 that affected 211 people, and the company’s CEO Peter Njonjo has clarified that contrary to some claims, there have been no new in-house workforce cuts. However, he shared that Twiga has changed its sales model and now works with several independent agents instead of full-time salespeople.

In an email to TechCabal, Njonjo said, “We made the changes to our commercial team last year in October. We wanted to convert the role of a salesperson from that of an employee to a free agent. We made redundant the role of a Trade…

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