Embracing virtual strength for mental health

by Digital Brainiacs
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In this digital era, technology is irrevocably embedded in our daily lives, and as such, our online experiences have an outsized impact on our mental health. However, technology can also offer support for the promotion and nurturing of our mental well-being.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become ingrained in our daily routines, allowing us to connect with others, share stories, and express ourselves. However, regular usage of social media can also lead to increased rates of anxiety and depression, particularly in young people.

But the internet transcends this dichotomy, and can also offer resources and digital support to better understand mental health conditions and get help for them. 

A closer look at the connection between our digital lives, and our mental health can reveal a number of ways to make the most of the resources digital support offers to nurture our mental well-being.

Understanding digital support

Digital support…

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