Is there an oversupply of tech talent from Africa?

by Digital Brainiacs
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Capital isn’t the only ingredient that moves a startup from concept to success. The other is people. Without high-quality founders and the right team to support them, a venture will never move from pre-seed to the graduation of Series A. 

However, much like the Great Reset taking place on the continent with investment harder to come by, a different reset has happened in the talent market. Post-COVID, African tech talent benefitted broadly from a job market favouring workers. A high-quality developer from Abuja could be based in Nigeria and work for a large US tech company that pays in US dollars. 

Sounds great, right? Not too fast. 

The talent market has done a 180

COVID-19 forced reluctant global employers to experiment with remote work, but they learned quickly how remote work can be used to suit their needs. Many have since returned to an in-office model, but the lessons remain. If a ramp-up in internal capacity is needed quickly, the remote talent place is…

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