Ask an Investor: Flourish Ventures

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Efayomi Carr, principal at Flourish Ventures, talks to TechCabal about what he has learned from investing in Africa, how Flourish Ventures invests, and his view on the current state of the African funding landscape. 

Although he was born in Sierra Leone and mostly raised in the United States, Efayomi Carr began his entrepreneurial journey in Nigeria. His first taste of entrepreneurship started with Transparent Nigeria, a media startup he and his friend founded. “We saw an opportunity to disrupt the media space; we saw that many young journalists and interesting reporters just didn’t have an outlet for their stories,” Carr, now a principal at Flourish Ventures, said. 

“That was when I got the bug for leveraging entrepreneurship to create interesting products and enable others to facilitate success for other people and encourage other people to have opportunities,” he continued. That bug has led Carr to work as head of marketplace at Jumia, and as chief financial…

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