Africa: Through Carbon Markets, Corporations Have a Role to Play in Africa’s Development. They Should Take It Seriously.

by Digital Brainiacs
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Corporations are in a unique position to responsibly engage in the “wild west” that is the carbon-offset market, all while supporting Africa’s rising low- and middle-income populations.

Through the purchase of carbon credits, corporations can immediately reduce their global carbon footprints while also serving their long-term economic interests to expand their market bases. That is in part because, by purchasing high-quality carbon credits in voluntary carbon markets, these companies can support the sustainable growth of low- and middle-income populations in the world’s fastest-growing regions–including across the African continent.

Voluntary carbon markets allow entities like corporations and individuals to buy carbon credits entirely at their discretion to offset their emissions. These markets differ from compliance markets, which feature legally binding emissions-reduction obligations, often under cap-and-trade structures like those in the European Union and California. Carbon credits are…

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