Tanzania: Govt Enhances Covid-19 Control Amidst Increase in Cases

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TANZANIA has recorded 64 new cases of the Covid-19, increasing from 45 cases recorded four weeks ago, according to the Ministry for Health data update.

The statistics recorded from 22 April – 26 May this year, represents a 45 per cent increase in new cases during the period in which no disease-related deaths or patient admissions were reported.

The government has continued to enhance the control of Covid-19 in the nation, according to a statement released by the ministry on Tuesday, and it has also kept the public informed about the disease’s trend.

“Among other things, the government has carried on with Covid-19 vaccination services in the country to enable citizens to get total immunity and thereby prevent serious illness and even death when a person is infected with the virus,” the statement reads in part.

As of May 26, this year a total of 32,763,672 people, which is equal to 106.6 per cent of the target population (people aged 18 years and older) had received a full dose of Covid-19…

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