Seychelles: Cannabis Debate in Seychelles Continues, Advocates for Legalisation Vocally Campaign

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The term “medical cannabis” is another misconception fed to the public as well as the plant being a gateway drug, said the chairperson of the Seychelles Kanabis Association (SKA), Nelson Esparon.

Recently the association went live on Pure 90.7 local radio station to provide educational information on cannabis, which is considered an illegal drug for recreational use under the law, and also held an exhibition at the Pure Garden at Le Chantier in the capital Victoria.

Esparon told SNA that there is a need to dispel misconceptions that surround the recreational and medical use of cannabis.

“When the term “medical cannabis” is used, there’s nothing that the physician or any organisation has done to the cannabis that all of a sudden makes it safe and ok to use if you have an illness but not ok if being used for recreational [purposes],” said Esparon.

He explained that “if it is so dangerous for recreational users, I don’t think by just labelling it medical cannabis makes it safer and ok to use if you…

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