Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro brings enhanced ambient sound for people with hearing disabilities : TechMoran

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To recognize the Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Samsung is committed to helping those who are hard of hearing better enjoy the sounds of the world around them with the introduction of new enhanced Ambient Sound.

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Previously available at three levels of customization, the updated Ambient Sound feature which gives users the ability to listen to and stay aware of their surroundings now adds two additional levels, offering five levels of amplification and providing the benefit of improved hearing to even more users.

“With the enhanced ambient sound feature, we hope to bring a transformative listening experience to people who are hard of hearing. We believe everyone should enjoy the wonders of technology and communication, irrespective of their hearing abilities. This isn’t just about a product, it’s about how we can make life more inclusive, supportive, and enjoyable for all our customers. With the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, we’re striving to make that vision a…

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