Kenya replaces Huduma Number with robust digital identity

by Digital Brainiacs
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Kenya spent millions of dollars to roll out digital IDs named Huduma Namba. However, the project has since been discontinued, and the new government thinks it has a shot at rolling out similar digital IDs, but with additional features.

To enhance the lives of its people, the Kenyan government is currently creating a new digital identification system. This system aims to offer citizens and residents a unique and easily verifiable digital identifier. By implementing this digital ID system, the government intends to boost service delivery and promote financial inclusion for all. As part of the initiative, Kenya is also developing a robust policy framework, which could be an amendment to the ICT Policy 2019 to ensure the proper utilisation and regulation of digital identities. This framework encompasses a set of principles and standards that govern the collection, storage, usage, and sharing of personal information, with the utmost emphasis on safeguarding individuals’ privacy…

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