Filmmakers are building startups to solve Nollywood’s problems

by Digital Brainiacs
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Nollywood is the second largest in the world and contributes 2.3% to the GDP, and now filmmakers are creating startups to develop niche solutions for the industry.

Last year, Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry, made 1,923 movies, according to the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB). That made Nollywood the second most prolific movie industry after Bollywood and before Hollywood, yet Nollywood struggles with box office revenue. In 2022, Hollywood made $7.37 billion, while Bollywood made $1.28 billion. The difference is glaring when placed beside the $203 million Nollywood made in the same year.

Chart by Muktar Oladunmade, TechCabal

A lot of issues can be blamed for this disparity. There are not enough cinema screens in the country; the consumer market is dwindling; there is a lack of quality control and avenues for feedback; there is a lack of patient funding; and creatives lack access. However, some filmmakers are taking matters into their own hands,…

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