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Significant changes have occurred in how individuals pay for goods and services, with cash increasingly replaced by electronic payment methods.

The African fintech ecosystem has seen monumental strides over the last few years in keeping with the pace and, in some cases, even leading innovation, as the influx of new investments and regulatory shifts continues to shape the e-payments landscape on the continent.

Africa’s domestic e-payments market is anticipated to see revenues grow by roughly 20% per year, reaching about $40 billion by 2025, thanks to banks and nonbank players innovating to reduce friction in domestic and cross-border payments and provide much-needed new solutions to consumers and businesses.

Chipper Cash and Payday are two platforms redefining finance and financial services in Africa. These fintech platforms facilitate peer-to-peer cross-border payment solutions for Africans from anywhere globally.

Payday vs Chipper Cash: What you need to know before choosing

Founded in 2018 by co-founders Ham Serunjogi and Maijid…

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