This startup is bringing space technology to farming in Zambia

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Ignitos Space is a Zambia startups which uses space technology to bring more efficiency to the country’s agriculture sector.

According to data by the World Bank, agriculture and agribusiness have contributed around 20% of Zambia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and about 12% of national export earnings in recent years.

Zambia boasts a population of over 19 million people, and favorable weather conditions which encourage year-round farming. As such, the potential for agriculture to drive socio-economic progress in the country is high. 

To take advantage of this, startups like Ignitos Space are inventing products which have the potential to accelerate the growth of the country’s agriculture industry.

Using space technology via orbital satellites, Ignitos Space provides farmers with insights about what kind of soil is on their land and what crops it is suitable for. Additionally, it equips farmers with information about their land’s water reticulation, the state…

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