Safaricom’s New Customizable Minutes Plan

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Make Ur Bundle is a new product from Safaricom. This product gives subscribers the ability to customize a plan for voice minutes with a specified validity .

Basically, a Safaricom subscriber chooses the amount of money they are willing to spend to get minutes for voice calls on their line.

However, the least amount a customer can spend to get Make Ur Bundle minutes is KSH 15.

Once, a subscriber inputs the amount above KSH 15, they get different minutes plans all for the same amount.

The difference in the bundle options is the number of minutes received and the duration the minutes are valid.

Make Ur Bundle Plans

For the least amount of Ksh 15, you only get one option. A subscriber will get 22mins of talk time which is valid for 1 hr.

In contrast, for Ksh 20, a subscriber gets three different options to choose from.

These are:

  1. 34 mins valid for 1 Hr.
  2. 31 mins valid for 3 Hrs.
  3. 16 mins valid till midnight

Clearly, the…

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