Moroccan healthtech DataPathology raises $1 million from Azur Innovation Fund : TechMoran

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Morocco-based healthtech startup DataPathology has raised $1 million from Azur Innovation Fund,the fund aims to deliver quick and accurate pathological diagnosis for patient care using technologies such as AI.

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The company has reached a significant milestone, successfully raising 2 million DH from the Witamax fund managed by Soax Partners a year and a half ago. Now, they have accomplished a similar feat by concluding a fundraising round of $1 million (10 million DH).

This achievement was made possible through a partnership with Azur Innovation Fund, a private-public seed fund supported by Tamwilcom (formerly Caisse Centrale de Garantie) and managed by Azur Partners, led by Tarik Haddi, a specialist in fund management and investment advisory. This accomplishment aligns with the Innov Invest program.

DataPathology’s mission is to address the lack of and delays in cancer diagnosis, particularly in medically underserved countries like those in Africa. The startup,…

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