oraimo, Africa’s Smart Accessory Brand Winning 3 World-Top Design Awards For Innovative Products in 2023

by Digital Brainiacs
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Over the years, technological advancements have transformed how we live, work, and play. Among the many innovations that have emerged, smart accessories have become increasingly popular, enhancing the functionality and convenience of our electronic devices. In Africa, oraimo has established itself as a leading smart accessory brand dedicated to producing innovative, high-quality products.

That is why it is no surprise that its commitment to excellence has been recognized internationally, with the brand winning some prestigious awards for its products including the A’Design Award, RedDot Award, and IF Design Award. The German iF and RedDot Design Awards have a long history and are known as the ‘Oscar’ in industrial design. They are among the world’s three major design awards. The Italian A’ Design Award is also one of the World’s largest, most prestigious, and most influential design accolades, one of the highest achievements in design. These awards highlight the…

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