Namibia: Green Hydrogen Can Transform Namibia – Geingob

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President Hage Geingob has urged Namibians to support government efforts, emphasising that opposition to national projects may hinder much-needed developmental progress. Speaking at State House on Friday, Geingob was specifically referring to the much-anticipated green hydrogen project, which he said holds the tremendous potential to entirely transform the domestic economy.

He cited a previous example of the now- abandoned Epupa Dam project, which he said was left due to local resistance. “We learned a lesson from the Kunene region, where we were trying to have the Epupa Dam. It would have changed the face of that poor area. But because of interference from local people, that project died. Therefore, the area is still poor. We should hold hands to work together because it is not for us, it is for the people,” stressed the President.

Geingob was speaking at the signing ceremony between the Namibian government and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy on the feasibility and implementation agreement (FIA) of the…

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