Egyptian startup CardoO launches IoT-enabled smartwatch

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Egyptian Internet of Things (IoT) startup CardoO has launched its first IoT-enabled smartwatch, marking its debut in the device market with the intention of simplifying and enhancing the lifestyle of its users through advanced features and connectivity.

CardoO facilitates access to the latest affordable consumer electronics and IoT devices for MENA consumers, offering these products through online sales, direct sales, and channel sales, in addition to retail sales.

The startup raised a US$660,000 seed round of funding last October to help it achieve its goal of becoming the leading Arab brand for premium and price-effective smart devices, and it has now launched the CardoO Watch, a “stylish and versatile” wearable that combines fashion and functionality. 

“With its sleek design and premium build quality, it is a perfect companion for individuals seeking a balance between style and technology. Packed with powerful features, the CardoO Watch offers an array of functionalities to cater to the…

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