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By Mukesh Bector

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Digital transformation: we’ve all heard the phrase a thousand times. It’s a buzz word that’s been around for a couple of decades. Yet it can mean different things depending on the organisation that needs to change.

Digitalisation in a company selling insurance will be wildly different to one manufacturing and marketing soft drinks. And across the public sector, digital transformation will be distinct depending on the service being delivered. Health and patient record management will differ from the administration of justice or the delivery of education.  

This means it can be a vague term, leading to wildly diverse levels of digital maturity across sectors and regions. While the concept might seem like a well-worn theme to some people, it’s taken a global pandemic to encourage others.

According to the European Investment Bank, nearly half [46%] of EU firms became more digital during the COVID-19 crisis[i]. In the Middle East, the UAE stands…

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