The Best Bluesky Apps for Android and iOS

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Elon Musk’s erratic leadership and haphazard decisions at Twitter since taking over in October last year have pushed users to find new alternatives. And these Twitter-like platforms are embracing them in numbers – Bluesky is one of them and has grown popular in the past few weeks.

Bluesky is a federated social network born right out of Twitter as it was co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2019. Bluesky went independent last year.

Jack Dorsey provided the seed funding but he doesn’t run it. It has its own CEO -Jay Graber. It is worth noting that Jack is on Bluesky’s board.

People have been downloading the app getting over 375K downloads on the Apple App Store and over 100K downloads on the Google Play Store.

The platform is invite-only with over 1 million users on its waitlist and up to 1,500 users joining daily. So far it has 40,000 users – ranging from former Blue-check Twitter journalists, celebrities, politicians, influencers, writers, and…

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