Team TAWI from Kenya Wins Microsoft’s Innovation Award

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Team TAWI from Kenya was crowned the winner of the annual Imagine Cup World Championship.

The team consisting of John Onsongo Mabeya, Muna Said, Syntiche Musawu Cishimbi, and Zakariya Hussein Hassan is a group of students who met at a Hackathon.

TAWI tackles the communication challenges faced by children with Auditory Processing Disorder. The accessible solution works by suppressing background noise.

In addition, the solution enhances the quality of speech. TAWI also converts speech to text. Remarkably, the solution makes use of earphones, a smartphone, and the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), is a hearing condition in which your brain has challenges processing sounds. Indeed, TAWI will help children hear better and focus on the person they are listening to.

In an educational environment, this will help them focus on their studies and reduce existing communication barriers. Hence, they will have the…

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