Safaricom “All in One Monthly Bundles”:  Subscribers Get More Data

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Safaricom has recently updated their ‘All in One Monthly Bundles’. This was Safaricom’s description of the bundle when they first rolled it out to customers.

The ‘All in One Monthly Bundles’ have been tailored to fit the connectivity needs that our customers face today and allow them to plan based on their budget.

The change in packages will see the customers enjoy more data, without a change in price. Unfortunately, the other offerings remain the same.

For instance, if you spent KSH 1000, here is what you get:

5 GB Data 8 GB Data
400 mins 400 mins
1,000 SMS 1,000 SMS
Free 2GB YouTube Data + WhatsApp Free 2GB YouTube Data + WhatsApp

All in One Monthly Bundles, for both Prepay & Post-pay customers.

The change in the package has been available to Prepay customers for the last 2 weeks. It was released a week later to Safaricom’s Post-pay customers.

Data for each package has been increased by 2GB. However, there is no…

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