What Is Bitcoin Dominance and Does it Really Matter?

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Bitcoin completely changed the world because it was the first cryptocurrency to appear. Now, you have more options to transfer money and pay for goods and services.

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Gamblers can play now and earn assets by relying on crypto casinos and other websites. Even so, if you’re a beginner in this world, you must know all you can about Bitcoin, why dominance is essential, and how it can affect you. You’ll learn everything about it in this article.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin started in 2009, and a person or persons unknown created it under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

This coin was the first one to gain popularity worldwide. Currently, it’s still one of the most famous and valuable cryptocurrencies. Some of its key features are as follows:


Bitcoin is in a decentralized network called the blockchain. Numerous computers (nodes) maintain it in a distributed ledger, and its functioning means that no central authority (for example, a financial institution or…

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