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During the ongoing Society for Information Display event held in Los Angeles, TCL CSOT revealed its first automotive display. The company already excels in TV screens and now its bringing its expertise to vehicles with a massive 47 incher. 

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So far Mercedes EQS and also the EQE offer a “56 inch” display, but in reality, their implementation contains three separate displays under one pane of glass that combine to make up the 56 inches.

TCL 47.5 inch car display with 8k resolution

In the case of TCL, it’s a 47.5-inch continuous display beneath 1.4-meter-wide curved glass that runs from one side of the vehicle to the other. The entire display area is equipped with in-cell touch sensing and responds to multiple inputs, allowing both the driver on one end and passenger on the other end to operate it at the same time. 

The curved display has a radius of 4,200R, an integrated instrument cluster with no borders, the control center, and the infotainment . With a…

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