Statement Regarding the Recent Restrictions on Withdrawals

by Digital Brainiacs
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Over the last five years, we have become synonymous with Bitcoin and crypto trading. We have been at the forefront of crypto adoption in Africa, and despite governmental and environmental challenges that have tested our efforts to drive adoption in Nigeria and Africa, we have remained resolute.

Our efforts did not go unnoticed, as we quickly became a household name, garnering prestigious awards across the world. However, public recognition comes with its fair share of risks.

Our services are divided into three arms: Patricia Personal, Patricia OTC Desk, and Patricia Business. Not long ago, we were victims of a breach. Patricia Personal, the retail trading application, was solely affected by this breach; BTC and Naira assets were compromised. Every other crypto balance remains unaffected, and we assure the public that all our customers” and merchants’ assets are secure.

In light of this, we are undergoing internal restructuring and temporarily suspending withdrawals on our app (mobile and…

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