Spotify’s African Heat is a vehicle into African music and culture

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Spotify’s African Heat is getting an iconic new look and a playlist revamp to go with it as it becomes an audience favourite and a one-stop destination for discovering the hottest new tracks on the continent.

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The makeover is expected to usher in a new era where African Heat is more than a playlist and more of a vehicle into the wonderful world of African music and culture.

According to Spotify’s Editorial Manager – West Africa Benewaah Boateng, “Every Spotify playlist always starts with a spark. A memory, a place, a song bridge… This special playlist was created courtesy of the fans. The engine that propels every artist into stardom. Boateng says her first question was “Who are they? Where are they from? What do they like and enjoy and have on repeat?”

The patterns that emerged helped identify that the listeners of African Heat are more of a community. Regardless of their location; USA, Nigeria, Kenya, UK, they were completely open to exploring the…

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