Transssion smartphones top in market share in Africa

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While smartphone purchases have dropped, Transsion Holding, which owns TECNO, Infinix and itel, continues to record notable growth in Africa and other emerging markets. However, how does the competition fare?

People are not buying phones as much as they used to, primarily because the devices have become expensive lately. This development is due to several reasons, such as strained supply chains, harsh dollar exchange rates, and overall inflation. It can also be argued that modern smartphones have become so much better that users do not see the need to replace them after a year or two, meaning they hold onto them for much longer. Where, in the past, users would purchase a new device due to their current phone developing an issue like faulty software, poor battery life, or failing hardware, modern phones are more durable, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. 

Research firm Canalysis has released some data showing the market share of different phone brands…

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