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Tesla is starting to discount new inventory vehicles, specifically the Model 3 and the according to some reports, the Model X too. 

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The rear wheel drive Model 3 now starts at $39,030. After incentives, this brings the effective purchase price to $35,280. For reference, the average price of a new car in the US is roughly $48,000.

If you choose to lease it will only cost you $384 a month. A very affordable price from Tesla, especially when you factor in the amount of inflation that has occurred in recent times.  

As for new Model 3 orders, Tesla is maintaining the same price and deliveries by June for all versions. 

The automaker is likely trying to move existing Model 3 units as a facelift is due later this year. By discounting stock now, it will prevent Tesla from having too many “old-style” Model 3s on its hands when the new one launches in Q3/Q4.

Given the Model 3 and Y share so much in common, both models are expected to be updated…

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