Solarcell Remote:Samsung’s Bet for a Greener Planet

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After announcing in 2022, its environmental strategy to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Samsung Electronics has now developed the SolarCell Remote.

SolarCell remote is the industry’s first rechargeable TV remote control. It has a solar panel (solar cell) that can be charged by sunlight or indoor lighting.  Furthermore, the remote can be charged with a USB-C cable. Indeed, these give consumers options when charging.

Samsung says the remotes are smaller and lighter as they aim to minimize waste. The SolarCell remote uses 10% less power than a normal TV remotes. In addition, from production to disposal, the level of carbon emission is less by one-third when compared to disposable batteries.

By leveraging advanced technology, Samsung aims to minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency, thus making Samsung products eco-friendlier. Samsung’s initiative is a testament to the business’ pledge to promote a healthier environment and a…

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