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Transferring files between devices can take much time and energy, but Samsung Electronics has simplified the file-sharing process. For Galaxy users looking to share photos, videos and various files with other Galaxy devices, smartphones or PCs, the Quick Share feature, introduced in 2020, is streamlining file transferring functionality.

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Offering enhanced usability and simplicity, Samsung’s flagship file-sharing feature enables the quick sharing of all file types, from simple photos and memos to large videos and business documents requiring increased security.

Galaxy’s Flagship File Sharing Function: Quick Share

1. File Corruption is a Thing of the Past With Quick Share

When meeting friends after not seeing them for a long time, capturing memories of your time spent together is essential. However, if the Gallery app on your smartphone fills up with photos while spending quality time with friends, there is no need to worry. To avoid the hassle of uploading all the…

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