WhatsApp Messages can be Edited Within 15mins

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WhatsApp has recently added a new feature. The popular messaging platform will allow users to make changes to the sent text. However, WhatsApp messages can only be edited within 15 mins of hitting send.

The company believes this new feature gives users more control over their chats. Previously, users could only delete for everyone, in the event they sent a wrong text message. This feature will help correct typos, add more context to a message, and even correct misinformation.

All users have to do is long press a sent message. Then, they will select the “Edit” option that will pop up after the long press.

A message that has been changed will display the label “edited”. This is a similar feature to what Skype has. Given that Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp’s competitors have long had the edit option, this addition was long overdue.

In addition, Facebook, WhatsApp’s sister company has had the edit feature available for a while…

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