How Kainene von Savant, an AI bot helped me in the past month

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Kainene von Savant is an AI chatbot on Telegram that has improved my life by sharpening my pitches, speeding up the transcription process for interviews, and helping me navigate French-speaking Abidjan as an English speaker, all in the past month. Here’s how it was built, according to its creator.

As unlikely as it may seem now, Justin Irabor began his career as a writer before moving on to marketing and, now, computer programming. He has served as the editor-in-chief and head of product at Zikoko (TechCabal’s sister publication) and as head of marketing for Jumia Foods,, and Eden Life. 

Despite such a distinguished career as a writer and digital marketer, Irabor says he left it all behind to learn programming so he could have a bigger impact on people’s lives. On a hot Sunday afternoon in April, we sat down to talk about his AI chatbot, Kainene von Savant

Kainene is a name from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Irabor says that although he cannot pronounce…

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