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If you have a product-based business, your top priority is to choose the right delivery partner. The right partner will deliver your shipments on time and in good condition.

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Customers will appreciate your prompt services and buy more from you when they receive your products, improving your sales.

83% of online shoppers prefer to buy from brands where they can stay updated with the delivery status. This is why choosing the right delivery partner for your e-commerce business is important.

But how will you choose the right partner? Well, this guide is here to help!

1. Talk about your expectations

Depending on the kind of parcels and items you want to ship, you should have an honest talk with the delivery company about your expectations. This way, you can clear a lot of lingering doubts.

For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can afford to have your products delivered a week after a customer has ordered from you. But if you sell grocery items online, then you…

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