Unyte’s plan to provide all Nigerians with insurance

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My first interaction with Nigeria’s insurance system came as an undergraduate at the University of Calabar. Students who had paid their fees qualified for health insurance.

I’m rarely sick, so it was not an attractive proposition despite my dad’s constant pleas to get registered. It didn’t help that many students complained about getting subpar services when they visited the clinic despite having insurance.

To make matters worse, on the few occasions I visited the hospital, I noted how the receptionists were wary of attending to anyone with a health insurance policy.

Over the years, I have since discovered that my experience is not unique and that many Nigerians shy away from paying for insurance. The result is that less than 1% of Nigerians have any form of insurance. But a new startup hopes to change this.

Meet Unyte, an insurtech startup that wants to drive insurance adoption using partnerships.

Why insurance?   

From my introduction, there are a few things to note…

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